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Welcome to the Identus Platform Tutorials!

These tutorials will help you get started with using Identus Platform. The tutorials will guide you through setting up a connection, working with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), and using verifiable credentials.

Whether you are new to self-sovereign identity (SSI) or have prior experience, these tutorials will provide the necessary information and skills to build and use SSI-based applications.

Throughout all code examples in tutorials, the following conventions are in use:

  • Issuer Keycloak is hosted at http://localhost:9980/
  • Issuer Agent is hosted at http://localhost:8080/cloud-agent/
  • Holder Agent is hosted at http://localhost:8090/cloud-agent/
  • Verifier Agent is hosted at http://localhost:8100/cloud-agent/
To use the Identus Cloud Agents, you must include an apiKey header in your requests. You can configure the key, and in some instances, it will be provided to you, so make sure to create an environment variable with the proper value.
export API_KEY=<API Key value>

Alternatively, replace $API_KEY with your key in the CURL commands supplied throughout this tutorial. :::