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Getting Started

Hyperledger Identus is a comprehensive toolset that provides the necessary infrastructure for decentralized identity systems. It operates as a layer-2 blockchain solution, using a distributed ledger as a verifiable data registry (VDR). This innovative toolset facilitates the creation and management of decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and supports the issuance, updating, and revocation of verifiable credentials. With this technology, users can securely and efficiently manage their digital identities while ensuring the integrity and authenticity of their credentials.

Hyperledger Identus is deeply rooted in the concept of self-sovereign identity (SSI), a powerful feature that empowers users to control their identity and personal information. With SSI, users can selectively disclose their data using asymmetric cryptography, giving them full control over their digital identity.

The documentation herein will explain the following:

  • Decentralized identity concepts
  • How Hyperledger Identus works
  • Hyperledger Identus Quick Start Guide

Supported Standards

  • W3C DID Specification
  • DIDComm v2
  • W3C VC-JWT
  • Hyperledger Anoncreds