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Identus is a toolset designed for Decentralized Identity enablement. These tools work together to establish a framework for implementing Decentralized Identity Solutions. Here's an overview of the key components:

  • Cloud Agent: It is a W3C/Aries standards-based agent that provides decentralized identity services. It exposes a REST API for integration, enabling the development of solutions based on SSI technology.

  • PRISM Node: Serves as a verifiable data registry (VDR). The PRISM Node stores and retrieves data securely, is tamper-proof, and is responsible for publishing Identus's protocol transactions to the Distributed Ledger blockchain. It also plays a critical role in resolving DIDs efficiently without requiring access to the underlying blockchain​​​​​​.

  • Mediator: The Mediator acts as a bridge between the holder's device and other actors, such as issuers and verifiers, ensuring secure and reliable communication without centralized management​​​​.

  • Edge Agent SDKs: allow the development of edge agents - Decentralized Identity mobile apps and browser extensions. The SDKs are available in Swift (iOS and other Apple OS), TS (Browser and Node.js), and Kotlin Multiplatform (JVM and Android)